'It was a bad day for Peoria County about 450 million years ago'
 Charles Monson recently published a study revealing a possible link between a meteorite impact crater found in Illinois and a 93-mile-wide astero
Flights to image 3D geology in Illinois, Kentucky and Indiana
Scientists with the Illinois State Geological Survey are partnering with the U.S. [...]
Long-time ISGS geologist W. John Nelson receives Gordon H. Wood Jr. Memorial Award
The American Association of Petroleum Geologists Energy Minerals Division’s Eastern Section awarded this year’s [...]
Participate in annual earthquake drill on Oct. 17
Individuals, businesses, schools, government agencies, and organizations are invited to participate in the annual Central U.S. earthquake preparedness exercise at 10:17 a.m. on Oct. [...]
ISGS provides high-resolution digital elevation data for all 102 Illinois counties
For the first time, high-resolution digital elevation data that are essential for planning by local, state, and federal agencies are available online for all Illinois counties.  [...]

ISGS in the News

Glasford meteor may have played a role in ancient ice age
Charles Monson said research suggests a meteor about the size of Wrigley Field struck near Glasford, creating a 2.5 mile wide crater that's now buried under sediment. 

Source: WCBU
A tale of two drones
ISGS staff use an unmanned aerial vehicle (or drone) to help monitor shoreline erosion on Lake Michigan.

Source: Technology Services
Mapping erosion with drones
Ethan Theuerkauf is a coastal geologist at the University of Illinois. He’s using drone photography to map erosion at Illinois Beach State Park in Zion. 

Source: WTTW
Midwest earthquakes
Senior geophysicist Tim Larson talks to WILL's the 21st about our risk of and preparedness for earthquakes. 

Source: WILL
Lake Michigan’s smarter, streamlined buoys
This summer, scientists deployed smarter, smaller buoys in Lake Michigan that record and provide data in real time. 

Source: Environmental Monitor

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