Petroleum Experts donate software to Illinois for research and education
Petroleum Experts has donated a set of software packages to the Illinois State Geological Survey and Department of Geology to use in research and education of students. The [...]
Circular 596: Stratigraphic Architecture and Reservoir Characterization of the Silurian Racine Formation, Forsyth Oil Field, Macon County, Central Illinois
The Middle Silurian Racine Formation is the major oil-producing unit in a number of oil fields in the Mt. Auburn trend of the Sangamon Arch, central Illinois. [...]
Initial results show Mt. Simon Sandstone in Macon County is suited to carbon storage
Preliminary results from a stratigraphic characterization well drilled in December 2018 by the Illinois State Geological Survey (ISGS) and collaborators near Mt. [...]
ISGS receives software grant from IHS Markit
IHS Markit has recently renewed their grant of a set of software packages including Kingdom and Petra to the Illinois State Geological Survey at the University of Illinois for use in research and e [...]
Microplastic contamination found in common source of groundwater
A new study by PRI scientists is the first to report microplastics in fractured limestone aquifers – a groundwater source that accounts for 25 percent of the global drinking water supply. [...]

ISGS in the News

Lake Michigan’s smarter, streamlined buoys
This summer, scientists deployed smarter, smaller buoys in Lake Michigan that record and provide data in real time. 

Source: Environmental Monitor
Deciphering the history of a Chinese vase
Krannert Art Museum is using energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence technology—with the Illinois State Geological Survey and the Illinois State Archaeological Survey—to help determine the age of an antique Chinese porcelain vase.

Source: Illinois News Bureau
National States Geographic Information Council announces 3D mapping project
"What we’re trying to do is allow each state to have a plan for getting good coverage of statewide data," said Mark Yacucci. ISGS is participating in the NSGIC pilot.   

Source: StateScoop
Wetland erosion could add to carbon emissions
ISGS coastal geologist Ethan Theuerkauf discusses a study to determine how rising lake levels may be affecting the 500,000 acres of coastal wetlands across the Great Lakes basin.

Source: The Chicago Tribune
Case study: 3D mapping for water planning
In an AGI Critical Issues webinar, Jason Thomason, head of Hydrogeology and Geophysics, discusses how 3D geologic mapping is assisting McHenry County, Illinois, with water planning. 

Source: AGI Critical Issues

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