a helicopter tows an instrument array over the surface
Illinois coast to get a complete physical checkup from the air
Lake Michigan sand deposits from Kenosha, WI to Chicago, IL are being mapped over the next week with innovative technology [...]
ILSTRAT is a valuable new resource for understanding the geology of Illinois
New Online Information Resource Rocks
The collected knowledge of Illinois’ geologic past has been digitized, and released online as ILSTRAT – an interactive resource for the public, industry, and government – it brings to life the best science on how Illinois was built from the ground down. [...]
artists rendering of carbon dioxide molecules suspended in air
Advanced Combustion Research Awarded to Improve Carbon Capture
A new research project at the Illinois State Geology Survey (ISGS) will develop advanced combustion systems to improve the collection and storage of CO2 captured from flue gases of electric power plants and other industrial combustion processes. [...]
A verification well monitors the storage of CO2 near Decatur, Ill.
Prairie Research Institute Receives Major Grants for Geologic Carbon Storage Research
The Illinois State Geological Survey (ISGS) was awarded two projects totaling $10.1 million Wednesday by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) under the Department's CarbonSAFE R&D program to develop [...]
Researcher takes a water sample from a Southern Illinois cave
Widespread Groundwater Contamination Found in Southwestern Illinois
Researchers have detected prescription and over-the-counter medications and personal care products in Illinois groundwater, an indication that humans are contaminating water that is vital to aquatic life. [...]

ISGS in the News

Illinois geologists to launch helicopter survey of sand in Lake Michigan
If you see a helicopter hauling a giant Hula-Hoop near Lake Michigan this week. Don't panic. It's Illinois' latest science project. The work hopes to shed light on a question asked by beachgoers for decades.

Source: Chicago Tribune
When a meteor landed near Glasford
A few weeks ago, there were plenty of video and eyewitness descriptions of a meteor streaking across the Midwestern sky. The meteor buzz would have been considerably bigger around Peoria about 450 million years ago. 

Source: Peoria Journal Star
Ghosts of Shorelines Past
A few years ago, Mary Pat McGuire, became fascinated by the South Side of Chicago - or rather, with what was beneath it. She was flying from Midway Airport, and she started to notice “really interesting patterns along the coastline..."

Source: Landscape Architecture Magazine
When a meteor hit: Millions of years ago in Des Plaines
The meteor that streaked across the sky early Monday likely broke apart and landed in Lake Michigan. Millions of years ago a large meteorite crashed into what is now Cook County.

Source: Chicago Tribune
Laser mapping of La Salle County set for spring
This spring a plane will fly over La Salle County firing a sweeping beam of laser light. As the pulses bounce back to a receiver in the plane they will provide the raw data for a detailed three-dimensional image of the county.

Source: mywebtimes.com

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