Drilling, Shop Services, and Vehicle Operations

The ISGS Drilling, Shop Services, and Vehicle Operations Section provides prompt and reliable supportive services to the staff of the Illinois State Geological Survey:


The ISGS conducts research in many different areas including geologic mapping and energy and earth resources. The drilling team provides assistance wherever they are needed. Sample recovery averages 8,000 to 10,000 feet per year.

ISGS Drilling Brochure (pdf)

In addition, ISGS drillers:

  • install 20 to 30 groundwater monitoring wells per year
  • install piezometers where required
  • perform geophysical logging and GPS on all holes drilled

Drilling Equipment


  1. Two mud rotary rigs capable of continuous core sampling of up to 500' of rock or glacial drift with 2.5" HQ size core
  2. Setting 2" monitoring wells to a depth of 500'
  3. Portable loggers on each rig with Gamma and SP capabilities
  4. Two probe trucks with 1.5" direct push sampling to a depth of 100', and with capability to gamma log with a slim line gamma tool.

Contacts: Jack Aud, 217-244-5006 or 217-369-2364

Shop Services

Shop Services provides a number of skilled craft services to the Illinois State Geological Survey:

  • Woodworking
  • Welding
  • Metal fabrication
  • Machinist work
  • Design, construction, maintainance, and upkeep of field and laboratory equipment
  • Building maintainance
  • Staff and equipment moves

Contacts: Michael Dodd, 217-244-5006

Vehicle Operations

We are responsible for all facets of the ISGS vehicle fleet:

  • Vehicle dispatch
  • Vehicle status records
  • Vehicle procurement
  • Maintenance
  • Vehicle readiness

The latest addition to our fleet is a new Ford Escape Hybrid.

Contacts: Matthew Thompson, 217-333-6849