East-Central Regional Water Supply Planning Effort Conducts Major Outreach Efforts

As part of a campaign for public education and outreach, the Regional Water Supply Planning Committee undertook three major activities. First, with members of the Regional Water Supply Planning Committee and the Mahomet Aquifer Consortium, Illinois State Geological Survey (ISGS) hydrogeologist Edward Mehnert attended outreach meetings to help describe the water supply planning report and answer questions from the public in Gilman (August 4, 2009), Decatur (August 6, 2009), Paxton (August 12, 2009), Lincoln (August 18, 2009), and Danville (August 26, 2009). The evening outreach meetings have been poorly attended, but a few more meetings are planned. The report of the Committee is available on-line at www.rwspc.org.

Second, with the Chair of the Regional Water Supply Planning Committee, Mehnert attended a study session of the Champaign City Council on August 25, 2009, and he answered questions from the Council and the public about the properties of the Mahomet aquifer and about water resource planning. Finally, Mehnert and two members of the Committee participated in the radio show Focus 580 (WILL-AM 580, Urbana). Water resources planning in east-central Illinois was discussed for approximately 60 minutes on August 3, 2009. The show is archived at http://will.illinois.edu/focus580/interviews/2009/08/03/.