Carbon Sequestration Test Planned

The huff 'an' puff CO2 injection test, Loudon Field, Fayette County.The ISGS completed final preparations for a small-scale field test of enhanced oil recovery through carbon dioxide (CO2) injection at the Loudon Oil Field near St. Elmo in Fayette County. The "huff 'n' puff" test, slated for the week of March 19, will inject CO2 into a producing horizon of the oil reservoir, allow time for the CO2 to percolate into the reservoir, and then extract oil from the same well. Depending on the results of the first injection, a second injection test may follow. A total of up to 300 tons of CO2 may be injected at the site. Data gathered through this basic test will give a strong indication of the feasibility of enhancing the recovery of oil through CO2 injection in Illinois' many mature oil fields, and the amount of CO2 that could be successfully sequestered through enhanced oil recovery processes in Illinois. The study is being undertaken as part of Phase II of the Midwest Geological Sequestration Coalition's study of CO2 sequestration opportunities in the Illinois Basin. The data are expected to encourage the development of enhanced oil recovery projects using CO2and the development of geological sequestration of CO2 to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.