Assistance Provided for Earthquake Planning

2007 Hazard Mitigatin Plan coverTwo Illinois State Geological Survey (ISGS) staff members provided an updated and revised section on earthquake history and impacts in Illinois for the State of Illinois (ISGS) 2007 Hazard Mitigation Plan, assembled by the Illinois Emergency Management Agency. This plan for the state is updated every three years and is required and approved by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. With this plan, the state qualifies for various money funds for mitigation of hazards and response emergencies.

An ISGS engineering geologist was one of nine presenters on a two-day field trip starting in Memphis, Tennessee, and traveling through parts of Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, and Tennessee to review the earthquake history of the New Madrid Seismic Zone and findings of researchers. The 30 participants represented insurance, pipelines, cable, telecommunications, business continuity and disaster recovery specialists, big box stores, federal reserve banks, and financial advisors. The ISGS presenter provided a 14-page paper for the field book, which covered the geologic setting, earthquake impacts, and local history of the southernmost area of Illinois and a 6-page section on resources for information.