Outstanding New Staff Member 2011

Outstanding New Staff Member Andre Britten

André Britten came to the ISGS in the fall of 2010 with a master’s in accounting from the University of Illinois and is one of only three people who manage financial activity for the Survey. His responsibilities include reviewing and reconciling account activity for 15 ISGS service accounts, as well as the ISGS General Revenue Fund account and others.

Although 20 accounts does not sound like many, those accounts have more than 60 specific services offered: 15 separate types of geophysics downhole testing services, 9 methods of rock and mineral properties, 8 different types of geophysics services, 7 or more types of isotopic analyses, 6 different geochemistry analyses, 5 particle size determination methods, 5 different visualization services, 4 material characterization services, and both drilling and GPS services. Britten processes both the billing for those services and the expenses for those accounts.

The service accounts have operating costs to be calculated (staff salaries, supplies, travel costs), equipment depreciation to be calculated and expensed, and service rates to be determined. Once the rates are established, the accounts require monthly monitoring to determine whether adjustments need to be made at year end to prevent an account surplus or deficit.

Britten was also instrumental in setting up the Information Office credit card terminal so that ISGS maps and publications could be purchased by the public. He is responsible for ensuring compliance with the industry-wide program, which increases credit card-processing security.

Britten’s efforts are described as detail oriented and thorough when processing incoming and outgoing transactions, and monitoring rates and services accurately and efficiently on a daily basis. He always has a pleasant demeanor, a smile on his face, and a positive attitude.

Britten’s plaque reads, “Outstanding New Staff Member Award: André Britten, in recognition of your outstanding contributions to the Administrative and Technical Support team through your professionalism, efficiency, and attention to detail while managing ISGS service accounts for the benefit of the people of Illinois.”

In addition to his plaque, Britten received a monetary award to be used for work-related purposes.