5-year Survey Science Strategy

Beginning in early January and extending through the first week of March, the ISGS has been involved in developing a 5-year Survey Science Strategy, based on individual Section Science Strategies. Through one-hour+ presentations to fellow Section Heads, the Director, and Chief Scientist, each of the 11 Section Heads will have discussed their (1) shared vision of Survey-wide science/research and support/service programs and priorities; (2) ongoing and potential inter-section and multi-section collaborations; (3) section staffing, including present staffing/expertise, staffing required to implement proposed programs and meet proposed objectives, expected changes via retirements/resignations/hires, staff development needs/options/plans, collaborations within and outside the Survey that multiply effective staffing, opportunities for new science/research/support/service collaborations, and identifying and justifying need for new hires, transfers, etc.; and (4) section funding, including funding sources, amounts, needs and timeframes, and external funding opportunities and prospects. Following all presentations, each Section Head has been asked to contribute to an ISGS circular on the ISGS Science Strategy.