Glass Slide Catalog

Slide No. Title Datesort descending Notes Keywords Added Entries
01225 Plant and quarry of the Ottawa Silica Company, La Salle County Plant and quarry is just west of Ottawa on Ottawa platform; slide and negative available Photographs; Mines and mining; Silica; St. Peter sandstone; La Salle County Ottawa Silica Company More Info
02234 Trace of horsebacks on surface of coal, Truax-Traer Company, St. David, Fulton County, Illinois same as photo 1691; No negative Photographs; Coal; Horsebacks; Fulton County Truax-Traer Company More Info
02589 Exposure of coal in Fulton County, Illinois No negative Photographs; Outcrops; Coal; Fulton County More Info
01152 Niagaran and Alexandrian limestone exposure, with Maquoketa Formation at the base in a road cut along the Mississippi River bluffs, two miles north of Savanna, Carroll County, Illinois slide and negative available Photographs; Outcrops; Limestone; Shale; Silurian; Ordovician; Carroll County More Info
00414 Surface equipment at the New Orient Mine #2 at West Frankfort, Franklin County, Illinois Slide and negative available Photographs; Coal mine and mining; Buildings; Apparatus; Franklin County Bulletin 56, Figure 2; New Orient Mine More Info
01276 Caliche developed in upper part of the higher Tertiary gravel, Abilene, Texas Slide and negative available Photographs; Soils; Weathering; Caliche; Tertiary; Texas Fieldnotes Leighton, M.M. #1072 More Info
03467 Pecopteris miltonii No negative Paleobotany; Fossils More Info
03277 Hydraulic mining of silica sand, St. Peter Sandstone, Ottawa, La Salle County, Illinois photo from Standard Silica Company; No negative Photographs; Mines and mining; Surface mining; Silica sand; St. Peter Sandstone; La Salle County Standard Silica Company More Info
04309 Outcrop of Tripoli at Olive Branch, Alexander County, Illinois No negative Photographs; Outcrops; Tripoli; Alexander County More Info
01111 A typical roll of the Danville District (entry cuts through the roll) Slide and negative available Photographs; Mines and mining; Coal; Underground mining; Dering Coal Company No. 2; Vermilion County Coal Mining Investigations Bulletin 14, Figure 5 More Info
03414 Danville Water Works, Vermilion County, Illnois No negative Photographs; Water supply plant; Vermilion County More Info
02217 Electric condenser dehydration unit (flow series) No negative Laboratory Instruments More Info
02108 Bluffs on the Mississippi River north of Alton, Madison County, Illinois No negative Photographs; Geomorphology; Mississippi River; Madison County More Info
05025 Railroad cut along Farm Creek, Tazewell County, Illinois, showing peat lying on Farmdale silt, beneath Iowa loess and Wisconsin till No negative Photographs; Outcrops; Pleistocene; Loess; Till; Tazewell County More Info
01191 Exposure of Illinoian, Kansan and Nebraskan tills, Winchester Quadrangle, Scott County slide and negative available Photographs; Till; Pleistocene; Scott County More Info
02260 Thin section of gray white marble showing crinoidal and fine-grained marble, from Burlington Limestone, Marblehead Lime Company, Adams County, Illinois No negative Thin sections; Burlington Limestone; Adams County Marblehead Lime Company More Info
05057 Dreikanter boulder, white quartzite, Iowan drift border No negative Photographs; Glacial deposits; Iowa Kay, G.E. More Info
00218 Concreted mine shaft bottom slide and negative available Photographs; Mines and mining; Coal; Underground mining More Info
02771 "Roll" of lower argillaceous limestone and black shale, Nashville mine, Washington County, Illinois No negative; No digital file created Photographs; Mines and mining; Underground mining; Coal; Rolls; Washington County More Info
00970 Quit Point, Pere Marquette State Park No negative Photographs; Geomorphology; Pere Marquette State Park; Jersey County More Info