Glass Slide Catalog

Slide No.sort descending Title Date
00005 Experimental and commercial cokes compared - I. More Info
00006 Koppers oven discharging 65% Illinois coal into blend More Info
00016 Banded ingredients in Illinois coals More Info
00018 A Pleistocene section in southern Scott County More Info
00021 Exposure of Pleistocene deposits two miles northeast of Oconee, Shelby County, west bluff of Opossum Creek 1929 More Info
00023 Aerial photograph of the Fox Lake region More Info
00058 Architect's model of the Geological Survey laboratory and experimental housing project More Info
00093 Draining bins for silica sand after washing More Info
00094 Emptying a car of rock into the crusher at a cement plant More Info
00095 Compartment mills used to grind raw mix and clinker for cement manufacture More Info
00096 Hammermil limestone crusher in cement plant More Info
00101 Concentrating tables for separating fine fluorspar from its ore More Info
00102 Electric motor haulage in a fluorspar mine More Info
00103 Mine chutes for loading fluorspar More Info
00104 Shaft bottom at a fluorspar mine More Info
00105 Fluorspar after shooting More Info
00106 Drilling fluorspar vein in mine More Info
00107 Oblique aerial photograph of the Owens-Illinois Glass factory, Alton, Illinois, Madison County More Info
00156 Grand Tower, Jackson County, Illinois More Info
00157 Scene in the Illinois Ozarks More Info