Paleoenvironmental maps of Pennsylvanian rocks, Northern Appalachian Basin

Call Number: 
3790 d5-1 Rolled - R
by H. R. Wanless, et al.
University of Illinois
Map Description: 
21 sheets, 23x32 in. ; 1 in. = 16 miles
Original drafted copies sh.1 - Brookville (OH & PA), Richardson-Skyline (Kentucky), Stockton (W.VA), and Lower Mt. Savage Coals sh.2 - Putnam Hill Limestone & Shale (OH & PA), Kanawha Black Flint (W.VA) and Kilgore & Flint Ridge Flints sh.3 - Isopach map of the Winters Coal-Brookville interval and environmental map of the Ogan Sandstone sh.4 - Ogan Coal, Zaleski Flint and Winters Coal sh.5 - Clarion (OH & PA), Lower Clarion (PA), and Homewood (W.VA) Sandstones sh.6 - Isopach map of the Clarion Coal-Brookville interval and environmental map of the Clarion Sandstone sh.7 - Clarion (OH), Lower Clarion (PA), Mt. Savage (MD), Stockton "A" (W.VA), and Princess 5A & 5B (Kentucky) Underclays sh.8 - Clarion (OH), Lower Clarion (PA), Mt. Savage (MD), Stockton "A" (W.VA), and Princess 5A & 5B (Kentucky) Coals sh.9 - Clarion Coal, Scribgrass, Vanport Limestone sh.10 - Upper Clarion (PA) Sandstone and equivalents sh.11 - Upper Clarion (PA), Clarion (OH & W.VA), and Mt. Savage Rider (MD) Coals sh.12 - Vanport Limestone and equivalents sh.13 - Kittanning (OH & PA), Mt. Savage (MD), and Roaring Creek (W.VA) Sandstones sh.14 - Lower Kittanning Underclays and equiavents sh.15 - Lower Kittanning (OH, PA, & MD), Princess No. 6 (Kentucky), and No. 5 Block (W.VA) Coals sh.16 - Columbiana Limestone & shale and equivalents sh.17 - Strasburg (OH), East Lynn (W.VA & Kentucky), and Worthington )PA & MD) Sandstones sh.18 - Oak Hill Clay & Hamden Ore (OH) and equivalents sh.19 - Strasburg Coal (OH) and equivalents sh.20 - Middle Kittanning Uncerclays and equivalents sh.21 - Middle Kittaning Coal
Paleoenvironmental map - Appalachian Basin Paleoenvironmental map - Pennsylvanian strata


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