Other Isotopic Analyses

  1. Stable isotopes for 4 light isotopes (H, C, N, O)
  2. Tritium
  3. Gas Fingerprint Analyses
    a. Gas Chromatography
    b. TCD (N2,O2+Ar,CO2,CH4)
    c. TCD + FID (C1 - C6)
    d. Carbon-14 (14C) on CH4
    e. Delta C-13 (δ13C) on CH4
    f. Delta D (δD) on CH4
    g. 14C on pure CO2 from gas sample
    h. δ13C on CO4
    i. Tritium (3H) on CH4
    j. Prepare samples with very little CO2/CH4 for Accelerated
        Mass Spectrometry (AMS) for 14C
        source detected in the environment
  4. Water
    a. 14C of dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC)
    b. δ13C of DIC
    c. Tritium (3H) (enrichment technique)
    d. Tritium (3H) (direct counting)
    e. Prepare dissolved SO4 for Delta S-34 (δ34S)
    f. Prepare dissolved SO4 for δ34S and δ18O
  5. Landfill Leachate
    a. 14C of DIC
    b. δ13C of DIC
    c. Tritium (3H) (direct counting)
  6. Stable isotope analysis of carbonates (Kiel III: includes δ13C and δ18O)
  7. Stable isotope analysis of organic material (Elemental Analyzer: includes δ13C and delta N-15 (δ15N) and C/N ratio)

Contact: Shari Fanta, 217-244-2192