2011 – Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Introduction - Three-Dimensional Geologic Mapping: An International Perspective
H.A.J. Russel, Berg, R.C. and L.H. Thorleifson
Abstract (61KB)           Hazen.Russell@NRCan-RNCan.gc.ca

Airborne Electromagnetic Surveys for 3D Geological Mapping
Jared D. Abraham and James C. Cannia
Abstract (914KB)           Presentation (7.6MB)           jdabraha@usgs.gov

The Use of 3D Geological Information in a Large Managed Aquifer Recharge Project
Aki Artimo and Sami Saraperä
Abstract (471KB)           Presentation (4.7MB)           aki.artimo@turku.fi

Approaching a Decade of Three-Dimensional Mapping of Quaternary Sediments in Southern Ontario; A Progress Report From the Ontario Geological Survey
Andrew .F. Bajc, A.K. Burt and D.R.B. Rainsford
Abstract (303KB)           Presentation (72.3MB)           andy.bajc@ontario.ca

3D Modelling at the Bavarian State Geological Survey-Examples for Cooperation Towards 3D Standards
Gerold W. Diepolder
Abstract (438KB)           Presentation (13.0MB)           gerold.diepolder@lfu.bayern.de

Multiple-Point Geostatistics for Creation of 3D Hydrostratigraphic Models, Outagamie County, Wi
Kallina M. Dunkle, Mary P. Anderson, David J. Hart
Abstract (315KB)           Presentation (24.7MB)           dunkle@geology.wisc.edu

Geological and Petrophysical 3D Modelling of Sedimentary Basins for Groundwater Applications, BRGM
Sunsearé Gabalda Christophe Rigollet, Olivier Serrano, Pascal Audigane, Christophe Chiaberge, Gabriel Courrioux, and Catherine Truffert
Abstract (430KB)           s.gabalda@brgm.fr

3D/4D Modeling, Visualization and Information Frameworks: Current US Geological Survey Practice and Needs
Pierre Glynn, L. Jacobsen, G. Phelps, Gerald Bawden, V. Grauch, R. Orndorff, R. Winston, M. Fienen, V. Cross and J. Bratton
Abstract (127KB)           Presentation (18.5MB)           pglynn@usgs.gov

3D Geological Mapping in Manitoba-Overview and Products
Greg Keller Gaywood Matile, and L. Harvey Thorleifson
Abstract (542KB)           Presentation (26.7MB)           Greg.Keller@gov.mb.ca

3D Geological Mapping (Modelling) in Geological Surve Organisations and the New British Geological Survey Initiative to Build a National Geological Model of the UK
Steve Mathers
Abstract (311KB)           Presentation (5.2MB)           sjma@bgs.ac.uk

Integrated Environmental Modeling-The New Dream for Geological Surveys
Denis Peach, Andrew Hughes, Holger Kessler, Steve Mathers and Jerry Giles
Abstract (446KB)           Presentation (24.4MB)           dwpe@bgs.ac.uk

Quantifying Correlation in Three-Dimensional Geologic Mapping of Glacial Drift .55
John J. Quinn and Howard D Moores
Abstract (1.7MB)           quinnj@anl.gov

From Atmosphere to Basement: Development of a Framework for Groundwater Assessment in Canada
Hazen A. J. Russell, Alfonso Rivera, Shusen Wang, and David R. Sharpe
Abstract (1.2MB)           Presentation (59.9MB)           Hazen.Russell@NRCan-RNCan.gc.ca

Geomodeling at TNO-Geological Survey of the Netherlands
Jan Stafleu, Freek S. Busschers, Denise Maljers, Jan L. Gunnink and Michiel J. van der Meulen
Abstract (516KB)           Presentation (34.1MB)           jan.stafleu@tno.nl

3D Groundwater Mapping in Denmark Based on Calibrated High-Resolution Airborne Geophysical Data
Richard Thomsen
Abstract (341KB)           Presentation (26.8MB)           rth@geus.dk

Geologic Framework Modeling for Groundwater Applications in Northeast Illinois
Jason F. Thomason, and Donald A Keefer
Abstract (752KB)           Presentation (78.0MB)           jthomaso@illinois.edu