Samuel V. Panno

Sam Panno, M.S.
Senior Geochemist
217-244-2785 (Fax)
  • M.S. Geology
  • B.S. Geology, Biology
Research Interests: 
  • The chemical and isotopic composition of groundwater
  • Karst geology and hydrogeology
  • Bacterial contamination of groundwater
  • Origin of saline groundwater and brines of the Illinois Basin
  • Earthquake-generated speleothems in Midwestern US
  • The use of LiDAR in mapping karst regions
Current Research Projects: 
  • Characterization of saline springs of the Illinois Basin
  • Origin of Illinois Basin brines
  • Groundwater quality and karst hydrology of the northwestern Illinois Driftless Area
  • Background geochemistry of the aquifers of Illinois
  • The significance of crop lines of northwestern Illinois
  • Characterization of Illinois’ sinkhole plain using LiDAR elevation models

chemical reaction in rocksinkhole lakecave interior

drilling into rockcrack in creekbed

Selected Publications: 

Panno, S.V., B.B. Curry, H. Wang, K.C. Hackley, Z. Zhang and C. Lundstrom. 2012. The effects of climate change and glaciation on speleogenesis and karstification in southwestern Illinois’ sinkhole plain. Carbonates and Evaporites, v. 24, p. 87-94.

Kelly, W.R., S.V. Panno and K.C. Hackley. 2012. Concentrations and trends of chloride and other major ions in waters of the Chicago, Illinois region. Journal of Environmental and Engineering Geology. Special issue on the hydrogeological effects of urbanization, v. XVII, no. 1, p. 65-81.

Kelly, W.R., S.V. Panno and K.C. Hackley. 2012. The sources, distribution, and trends of chloride in the waters of Illinois. Illinois State Water Survey Bulletin B74, 67 p.

Panno, S.V. and D.E. Luman. 2012. Karst map of Monroe County, IL. Illinois State Geological Survey, Illinois County Geologic Map, ICGC Monroe County-SD, 1:62,500, Report 12 p.

Panno, S.V. and Luman, D.E. 2012. Mapping Palimpsest Karst Features of Illinois’ Sinkhole Plain Using Historical Aerial Photography. Carbonates and Evaporites. DOI 10.1007/s13146-012-0107-4.

Panno, S.V., W.R. Kelly, J.C. Angel and D.E. Luman. 2013. Hydrogeologic and topographic controls on evolution of karst features in Illinois’ Sinkhole Plain. Carbonates and Evaporites, v. 28, p. 13-21.

Panno, S.V. and D.E. Luman. 2013. The use of drought-induced “crop lines” as a tool for characterization of karst terrain. In Proceedings of The Thirteenth Multidisciplinary Conference on Sinkholes and the Engineering and Environmental Impacts of Karst.

Panno, S.V., K.C. Hackley, R.A. Locke, I.G. Krapac, B. Wimmer, A. Iranmanesh, W.R. Kelly. 2013. Formation waters from Cambrian-age strata, Illinois Basin, USA: Constraints on their origin and evolution based on halide composition. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, v. 122, p. 184-197.

Panno, S.V., D.E. Luman, W.R. Kelly, T.H. Larson and S.J. Taylor. 2013. Karst terrains of Northwestern Illinois’ Driftless Area, Jo Daviess County. Illinois State Geological Survey Circular. In press.

Zhang, Y., W.R. Kelly, S.V. Panno, W-T. Liu. Tracing fecal pollution sources in karst waters by a combination of host-specific Bacteroidales genetic biomarker, bacterial indicators, and environmental variables. Submitted.

Hwang, H.H., S.V. Panno, and K.C. Hackely. Effects of land use change on groundwater quality of northeastern Illinois, USA: A historic perspective. Environmental and Engineering Geology. Submitted.