2015 – Baltimore, Maryland

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Introduction - Three-Dimensional Geologic Mapping
Kelsey MacCormack, Harvey Thorleifson, Richard Berg, and Hazen Russell
Abstract                                                       thorleif@umn.edu

Rationale and Methods for Regional 3D Geological Mapping Programs
L. H. Thorleifson
Abstract                  Presentation                thorleif@umn.edu

Building Information Modelling (BIM) – A Route for Geological Models to Have Real World Impact
Holger Kessler, Ben Wood, Gary Morin, Angelos Gakis, Gerard McArdle, Oliver Dabson, Ross Fitzgerald, Rachel Dearden
Abstract                 Presentation                                 

National-Scale 3D Mapping - What Approach Might Be Feasiblefor the United States?
David R. Soller and Nancy R. Stamm
Abstract                                                       drsoller@usgs.gov

A Perspective on a Three Dimensional Framework for Canadian Geology
H.A.J. Russell, B. Brodaric, G.R. Keller, K.E. MacCormack, D.B. Snyder, and M.R. St-Onge
Abstract                  Presentation

From wallflower to eye-catcher: 3D geological modelling in Switzerland – more than XYZ, less than a Swiss Army knife
Baumberger Roland, Allenbach Robin, Volken Stefan
Abstract                 Presentation                 roland.baumberger@swisstopo.ch

Geological 3D Modeling Of Large Plains In Italy: Basin Analysis, Active Faults, And Characterization Of Uncertainties
Chiara D’Ambrogi & Francesco E. Maesano
Abstract                 Presentation                 chiara.dambrogi@isprambiente.it

Modelling The Geological Structure Of Poland – Approach, Recent Results And Roadmap
Zbigniew Małolepszy, Marcin Dąbrowski, Adam Mydłowski, Tomasz Żuk, Ewa Szynkaruk, Marta Tomaszczyk, Marta Adamuszek, Jacek Chełmiński, Tomasz Gogołek, Łukasz Jasiński, Wiesław Kozdrój, Łukasz Nowacki, Piotr Olkiewicz, Marcin Słodkowski, Paweł Sydor, Urszula Stępień, Urszula Wyrwalska
Abstract                  Presentation                Marta.Tomaszczyk@pgi.gov.pl

A modelling strategy to develop a regional Quaternary geological model across rural and urban areas and administrative borders using existing geological information
M. Ross, M. Parent, A. Taylor
Abstract                 Presentation                 maross@uwaterloo.ca

Attributing Groundwater Withdrawals To Aquifers Using 3-D Geological Maps In Delaware, USA
Peter P. McLaughlin, Jaime L. Tomlinson, and Amanda K. Lawson
Abstract                  Presentation                ppmclau@udel.edu

3DT – Constructing A Subsurface Geologic Model Of Texas
Sean C. Murphy, David L. Carr, Aaron Averett, John Andrews, Dallas Dunlap, Cari Breton, and Allan R. Standen (independent consultant)
Abstract                                                       sean.murphy@beg.utexas.edu

A National 3D Geological Model Of Denmark: Condensing More Than 125 Years Of Geological Mapping
Peter B.E. Sandersen, Thomas Vangkilde-Pedersen, Flemming Jørgensen, Richard Thomsen, Jørgen Tulstrup and Johnny Fredericia
Abstract                 Presentation                 psa@geus.dk

Analyzing Lithological And Grain-Size Trends Using A 3D Voxel Model: A Case Study From The Holocene Rhine-Meuse Delta
Jan Stafleu and Freek S. Busschers
Abstract                  Presentation                jan.stafleu@tno.nl

Systematic Geomodeling: What Does It Actually Imply?
Michiel J. van der Meulen, Patrick Kiden, Denise Maljers, Jan Stafleu, Ronald W. Vernes, Jan L. Gunnink, Wim E. Westerhoff and Tirza M. van Daalen
Abstract                 Presentation                 jan.stafleu@tno.nl

3-D Geological Modelling at the OGS – Products and Applications
Abigail Burt, Andy Bajc, Desmond Rainsford, John Dodge and Riley Mulligan
Abstract                  Presentation                abigail.burt@ontario.ca

Characterizing Alberta’s subsurface in 3D – exploring innovative solutions to enhance communication of geoscience information to stakeholders and provide decision support
Kelsey E. MacCormack
Abstract                 Presentation                 kelsey.maccormack@aer.ca